Friday, February 02, 2007

Door to Door Organics

This is my score from my first delivery from Door to Door Organics-

As you know, organic food is pricey, and around my area, quality produce is hard to find. On a vegan meetup website message board I saw a thread on a local organic co-op. This is an excerpt from the thread:

"Door to Door Organics is Michigan's home, office, and co-op delivery service of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and select groceries. Each week of the year we deliver the freshest organic goodies directly to your door at competitive prices. We have close relationships with a number of Michigan farmers and we work around the clock to make sure that we bring you locally grown produce whenever it's available. Unfortunately, for much of the year in MI local produce is not commercially available. With that being said, we always strive to ensure that we bring you the freshest, organic produce from only the most reputable of farms. The reason we focus on local produce when possible is because it's fresher, requires less fuel to transport, and we get to support our neighbors making it easier for them to support us. We have chosen to shop locally and we hope that you do the same!"

So....I signed up! Received my goodies on Weds. Pictured above is a medium mixed box of fruit & veggies. I am pleased to say that everything looked beautiful. So far we've partaken in the fruit but yummy. Much better then at our local fruit market. Besides health benefits, I like the option of being able to change the size of your order each week if needed. Also you can change items on your order, add items, put a hold on your order if you go out of town, and you cancel anytime.

If you live in Southeastern Michigan - I highly recommend you check it out.

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