Monday, April 16, 2007

Mangos - Lick-a-Dee Splitter

I am like, the best girlfriend ever. I bought Goods, for his birthday,
a Mango Splitter!

So easy to use (especially if Goods is doing it for you). Just stand the mango on end, line the inside of the cutter up with the ridge on the mango and press the splitter right straight down.

And this is what you get-
One seed & two pieces of mango- and what you don't get is bloody fingers!

Then you slice it up from there. It actually doesn't leave too much meat on the seed, but you can cut off any if you like. No, it doesn't peel the mango- but that's the easy part.

I love kitchen gadgets...some good, some not so good....THIS IS GOOD!
It's made by OXO International , but I bought it locally at Bed Bath & Beyond. Since it was a gift to Goods, I won't put the price here, on the blog- but you can see it buy following the links. (Don't forget to use your BBB coupon that you get bombarded with in the mail!)

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Anonymous said...

That is so neat!!! I love it, and I wrote a letter to save the roo's & I recently tried the Tofruitti ice cream, chocholate cheesecake, it was good, couldn't tell it wasn't real ice cream, but it was a little too much cheesecake flavor and not enough chocolate flavor for me! See you guys at Lys's dance recital! Love, Me!