Friday, January 18, 2008

And the answer is.......

But not this mouse, this a mouse from the yard- friendly little critter isn't he? The mouse in the freezer was a house mouse that died, we are assuming naturally (we would NEVER use any kind of poison). Here is how it panned out....

Last Friday I was digging in your freezer for vegan sausage that I needed for Sun. – needed to see if I had to go to the store. Well - I was digging, I come across the white package in Goods' sausage section.
I said “I know what this is”

a semi-startled/sad look comes over his face and he said “It’s not what you think”
I said “really – then what is it” as I had it in my hand
he said “a mouse”
I went “ewhhhhh” and gently put it back into the freezer (you have to have respect for the dead - but Goods says i threw it, but I don't believe him)
and then I said “well at least it was in the meat section”

I didn’t have to question why he had it in there- we had a hawk in the yard one day that was dazed and the only thing we had in the house was bacon, so Goods fed it bacon. Well a hawk guy told us that isn’t good for a hawk to eat (well it was better then nothing) and he said if you ever come across some fresh roadkill put it in the freezer and save it. So Goods was taking out x-mas decorations and found this mouse, dead, and fresh, so he put it in the freezer.

Here are some pics of the reason why we have the Popsicle mouse.
He was first in our front yard - very beautiful

Then I went into the backyard to do some work, and the hawk flew back there too. He landed on the cable line. He loss his balance and fell off, thank goodness some evergreens broke his fall. He ultimately landed in a row of dense hostas. He couldn't get out of them so Goods came to the rescue.
After Goods put him on the fence....

Eating his bacon...
After an hour or so he flew off. We pray that he is safe and sound.

So the tip of the week is.....Keep a mouse in your freezer for emergency hawk food.

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