Monday, January 14, 2008

Food Fest

I wasn't exactly going to spend most of my weekend in the kitchen, but by the looks of it, I did. But really I didn't.

Friday's food was tofu stuffed spinach rolly things...not a real catchy title but they were really good. Everyone I'm sure has made these, one time or another.

On cooked spinach lasagna noodles I spread a mixture of:
3/4 of a box of firm tofu
assorted veggies: shredded carrots, green & red peppers, & onions.
approx 1/4 of nutritional yeast
seasonings: roasted garlic, Italian seasoning, pepper - I think that is all.
This made 6 rolls - perfect!

Some pics:

Then I poured this over it-

I love this sauce. I only posted a pic because I'm so excited to find a sauce that is tomatoeey, and not over powered by spices. I had to replace my favorite sauce because it had milk products in it. I was quite distraught over it- I use to bring cases of it back to Michigan from my hometown Altoona, PA. Oh, and by the way, I found this sauce at Costcos for under $6 for 3 jars! Much less then at the supermarket.

Then Saturday night I told Goods I wasn't really cooking - guess I lied a tad. But really are appetizers really cooking???? Goods made some cheese on the grill (all his) and served with some grilled flat bread. The dish that is bright orange in the left hand corner is "Cheese Nacho Dip" OMG, if you never made this- go do it now. It's the best, even omni people tell me how yummy it is.

Then I made some potato skins. I stuffed them (prebaked) with spinach, roasted garlic, vegan cheese and tempeh bacon I made from "Vegan Vittles". Being pretty much a tempeh newbie, this time I bought tempeh that had bigger soybeans in it- it just crumbled apart- tasted as good as the last time I made it; so that's all that counts but it would cause havoc in a sandwich!

This is something I did to the OUTSIDE of the potatoes before I stuffed them. I coat the outside lightly with oil, and sprinkle seasoning on it - it this case, garlic, onion powder & paprika.
I also so this with my bake potatoes before I bake them....just adds a little something.

Then Sunday we had a family kiddie b-day pizza party to go to, so I volunteered to bring a vegan dish for us vegans in the crowd...okay, it served more then just the two of us. This is a very easy dish to make. I stretched out premade bread dough (prefrozen, thawed and raised) and filled it with whatever I have- in this case, cooked spinach, roasted garlic (whole cloves), sun dried tomatoes, precooked in a little oil: vegan sausage, onion, red & green peppers; sprinkled with nutritional yeast and toasted walnuts. The walnuts are great in this, I never skip that ingredient. Add some choice spices and bam, you're done.

Pinch the sides together in the middle and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Bake for about 30 minutes @ 350 - until brown.

I don't have a "finish product" photo, but it was delish. This is good warm, room temp or cold.
I mentioned above that I used some vegan sausage in this was really very good-

....but the only problem with them was that each link was around 250 calories! OY!
So after the weekend of cooking, I guess Guido was pooped.

If you are wondering WHY she is laying there, the kitchen has a heated floor, so when she is too warm from laying in front of the fireplace, she lays on the cooler heated floor....ahhh, what a life.

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