Tuesday, February 05, 2008

They call it FAT TUESDAY for a reason....

Have you had your Paczki (pronounced poonch-kee) today????

(photo from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paczki)

I would have taken my own photo, since there are a couple of boxes of these in our office today, but they already think I'm a tad strange so I decided to "borrow" a photo.

Paczki are a Polish tradition, and since the Detroit Area has Hamtramck- we have Packzi day. They are made with flour (I'm sure bleached), sugar (white, bone chard I'm guessing), eggs, and of course, lard. Americans, however, added filling. Paczki now come in apple, blueberry, raspberry, cherry, custard (more eggs! ) and lemon filling.

Paczki fun facts- or not so fun....

  • A typical 5 oz. paczki has 420 calories (and that is a small sized paczki)
  • Also has 25 grams of fat.
  • You would have to run 30-45 minutes to burn off one!
  • They are fried, typically, in lard.
  • I've never eaten one, even in my non-veg*n days.

This is one recipe I don't even care to try a veganize!

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