Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where's the food???

I've been extremely uninterested in making food, even though Goods would say differently.
I think I lost my Mojo, maybe a mojito would help.

Even our neighborhood hawk is looking for food...

(on the brush pile in our garden- Goods built for the winter for the birdies)

Even Guido weighs nothing-
And Fluffy has resorted to threatening to run away to get food....

(not true always tons of kitty food out)

So here is some of the food I've made-

Spicy Peanut Sauce from VWV served over stirfry of veggies, preseasoned- prepressed tofu (see I told you no Mojo) and oriental noodles. Made enough for two dinners.

I love this sauce, I always make a batch of it for my lettuce wraps.

Whatever Bean Soup (made up as I went)...Mixed beans, veggie broth, seasoning, tomatoes & tomato paste, carrots and some other veggies- threw together and cooked in the slower cooker for 10 hours.

Another slow cooker recipe I made "What a Dal", from "Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker"
I served it in rolled up with fried potatoes & peppers and some fire roasted tomatoes - oh and a little "cheese". The concept was good but the "Dal" needed a lot more seasoning - we are "high seasoning" people. And the recipe stated to cook for 8 hours- well it was done in about 1/2 the time. It made TONS so the next night I made "Dal patties" - added some chopped veggies and more seasoning-

Then for dinner #3- the next night, we put the patties in buns and had "Dal Burgers" with all the burger fixings. I still have a huge container left of the lentils, they are going in the freezer, I'm lentiled out.
And lastly, I am fairly certain that I am the LAST person to finally make "Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas" from EDBV.

OMG- they are the best, LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Great with the baked potato I served with them. The organic baby zucchini that I got at Whole Foods was so sweet- excellent.

So that about wraps things up. Eating out a little bit more - have to give a shot out to the Majestic Cafe , in downtown Detroit, where I had the most kick ass Tempeh Sloppy Joe - oh and great hummous and all it's garlic loveliness! I was giddy with all their vegan options.
Until next time Ciao!

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