Friday, August 08, 2008

8-8-08...and boy did we

I must admit, I have a gift for taking any event, object or situations and make it revolve around food. So Friday, was no different....the Olympics! on 8-8-08, so we ate.... I themed the food around the "Oriental" flavor... Wasbi Peas....
Rice Cracker Mix for a snack

Premeal food also included (premade) veggie spring rolls, of course

Homemade veggie sushi, that included awful brown rice - DON'T USE THAT, get you're butt down to the oriental market and restock on your sticky rice (okay that was directed towards me, not you). As you can see, the basmati brown rice IS NOT STICKY, no matter how much water you add to it....
And for the main food....our favorite Lettuce Wraps, with a side of Lenny....

Sorry for the bad photos; I bought a new point and shoot camera, for carrying convenience and I used it for these, really it wasn't the cocktails, it was really the camera.
Next up...A Vegan at the Detroit Tigers' Game.

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