Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Detroit Tigers have gone Veg*n

So.....I'm here to review the Detroit Tigers home - Comerica Park goes VEG*N!
Here are the critics involved......Goods & Me - one Vegan, one, not so much....of course the one in the orange hat is the Vegan.

Don't we look adorable in our matching shirts???
Well the game against the Oakland A's started off with a rain delay - that was okay, we were hungry so we decided to find the VEGGIE BURGER to try....
I did my research ahead of time - the veggie burger is located at the Brush Fire Grill by the ferris wheel (ha, and by our seats!)

It came in a burger basket....with lettuce, tomato slice, pickle, a bag of chips and coleslaw....for $ 8.50!

My coleslaw went to Goods....but even Goods got the veggie burger too :-)

We were both impressed with the burger- full of grains and veggies - but I did miss my vegenaise on it (so next time I will sneak that in along with my vodka). T he bun was awesome - too much for me, I didn't eat all the bun.

Then we watched the game, okay I watched more of the people then the are some pixs of the people I watched...They posed for me!

They were obviously Oakland fans - they were actually from Oakland - check out their hats- there were a hoot.....and then here is their Grandfather
I just hope he was from Oakland too.
And some pics of the stadium - the sky was breathtaking after the rain.

It was time for Goods and me to walk around and also find a snack..
I got a pretzel, no butter please....

Goods got an elephant ear... (non-vegan)

Everything was very good, but I'm guessing the cocktails swayed that decision. I was totally Glutened out and full, so I just took some pixs of veg*n food signs...

So it was very cool that there were so many choices for me. I can see why they got to be #7 on the Peta list of Veggie Friendly Ball Parks.
Here is a pix of the Tiger Merry-Go-Round at Comerica.....

And here, I am imitating a tiger attacking Guido, after we got home from the game....for some reason, she wasn't scared.

Good Job Comerica- and I'm outta here!!

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