Monday, March 30, 2009

Dee's a Little Squirrely....

I love squirrels, I'm just nuts over them. They are just so cute and fuzzy, not to mention- so trainable. I really should have a squirrel circus, but that would be so un-vegan of me.

They come to our kitchen door looking for nuts...His name is John. And if you can guess why, then I'll send you and autograph picture of John

This is an OLD photo, this is Big Mamma....I wasn't expecting her to jump on me, but I acted all cool about it.

Guess I wasn't going fast enough for her, she had to try and speed things along....

They have ME eating right out of their hands, or would that be paws???

So you get the gist, that I love squirrels. So now you can you can just imagine my excitement when I found this T-shirt, for Goods, at a local Marshall's....

(thank you Goods for modeling)

Fluffy, was not amused, she thought she should be the one on her Daddy's chest instead of that squirrel.



Anonymous said...

hi ---

i have a thing about kitties & squirrels, too ---

we have a type of squirrel called abert's squirrel aka tassel-eared ---

they are usually black & the photo on the wiki site does NOT do justice to their cuteness ---

there was a grey & white abert's we named suzie ---

she could recognize our car & if she saw us as she was leaving our lot, she would turn around & wait for me at a tree we called suzie's tree ---

i would rush out with a bag i had prepared, filled with shelled sunflower seeds & corn kernels &
feed her ---

also, she would come when i sang her name altho i only called her when i could see she would be safe coming to me --- i did not want to distract her in case she was in a potentially dangerous situation ---

one summer, my sweetie & i were sitting at our kitchen table --- it was hot & we had our windows open ---

we heard what we call "blucking" --- the abert's have many differences from regular squirrels, their "talk" being one ---

there was suzie -- sitting in the ponderosa pine tree next to the house ---

she was looking right at us thru the glass, blucking, telling me of her arrival so come feed her ---

ya right -- dumb animals ---

i have many more adorable suzie stories to tell --- such as "suzie's swing" & about her two
beautiful babies who looked just like her, etc ---

and a zillion stories about the other abert's squirrels who have honored us with their presence ---

such as "the three wayward babies", the big abert's "pow-wow party", etc ---

caminante in colorado
jun 22, '09

Anonymous said...

hi ---

for your viewing pleasure ---

Squirrel Obstacle Course

caminante in colorado
jul 1, '09