Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So-DEE-licious Coconut Milk

I know- yet another post that isn't related to the Belmont Stake's theme dinner - but I promise, it's to rain for the next few days- I'll do it then - but till then this is my new addiction....I found this at our local grocery store, it's by TURTLE MOUNTAIN- the cost was $3.59 for a half gallon...and worth every penny. I love it on cereal, poured over fruit, or in smoothies. it has 50% of your daily requirement of B12 IN JUST ONE CUP - which equals 90 cals. Also 30 % of your required Vitamin D. Trust me - try it you'll like it!

And someone else in our family has a new addiction too....Fluffy (real name Saphire, but come on, she is really Fluffy) I was having some popcorn with nooch on it and for some reason I thought about mixing some nooch and water for Lily (humm, think it was the cocktails that were thinking for me). Well, Lily started to lick it up, then was chased away by Fluffy to finish up the treat...Look at the fluffy addict-
They didn't barf it up, and Fluffy had the treat a second time a couple of days later, so I'm assuming all is good giving kitties nooch. If you know differently, please let Fluffy know, there is no way I'm breaking that news to her!
Till next time!

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