Thursday, June 04, 2009

Simple, Boring and Dee-lious

I haven't been blogging- maybe because I haven't been really cooking anything exciting - BUT THAT WILL CHANGE THIS WEEKEND. We are having a themed event Saturday and of course I will share all the deets next week - but until then- here is the most exciting thing I cooked last weekend...Sad, but yummy.
At the top, you have- okay, we had....stuffed red pepper. To the left WE had, grill potato(es), and then grilled yellow squash. Goods had marinated grilled mushrooms too, but I wouldn't let them touch MY plate.

So the dinner all started with some surprise bargains at Kroger. I bought Goods some baby portabella mushrooms that were marked half off - $ 1.39 / 8 oz. Then a couple of weeks ago I ran into this bargain!!
Half price baby! I bought 2 and stuck them into the freezer.
So I made some stuffed peppers using the above faux meat. I mixed in some chopped onion and green pepper, and stuffed the mixture into halves of red pepper. I also stuffed a non-so-baby portabella mushroom that I found in the package, for Goods of course.....
I still had some "meat" stuffing leftover so I baked that separately in it's on tiny baking dish. Look how cutesy it is.....

I actually just came across that little munchkin dish when I was sorting through items to put out in my yard sale - to say the least, that little munchkin dish was staying with me!

Then the potatoes were simple....I halved them, and gasp, I cooked them in the microwave. Note: THIS IS NOT THE NORM FOR ME! I can't stand the microwave, but we were having waterline clogging issues with the washer and, well, priorities, thus we were poisoned with the mircrowaves. After the waves were done blasting the potatoes, I doused the potatoes with olive oil, and tons of spices - garlic powder, rosemary, onion powder, parsley, paprika....who knows what else.

Then an action photo of Goods cooking....
Everything, except the peppers and the munchkin dish (oven baked), were thrown on the grill for you can see the mushrooms (gag)

I don't remember what I did to the squash...but everyone knows how to do grilled squash.
See, boring.... nothing special, but it was yummy.
Next food post, I promise, will be much more exciting!
Have a great weekend!

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