Thursday, August 13, 2009

....Introducing - Mr & Mrs Goods

Yes, you heard it right- after being together almost 13 years, 3 weeks ago today - Goods and I got married.....

oops, wrong photo....

It was a surprise ceremony at our home, in our yard. Goods' children didn't even know it was happening until they arrived, supposedly for a family photo shoot - SURPRISE, no photo shoot, but a wedding. They, along the minister, were the only ones in attendance - oy, did we hear about it later from other family and friends, but Goods and I wanted a private, quiet ceremony - it was perfect.

When we were composing our vows, we had times we both had to stop because our emotions were getting us to, well, CRY. We both thought we would be a total mess through out the ceremony - WRONG, we were two giggly butts!

Goods Jr (Goods son) was our photographer....

I'll spare you all the details of the elaborate lie we created to get them here, dressed according with matching colors and having Goods Jr. bring his fancy camera- but I will sum it up in the phrase "evil evil step-mommy". 15 minutes after the ceremony it poured down rain - just like it was doing an hour before the ceremony. That day was so rainy, but the rain broke for about an hour and a half, just for when our ceremony was planned! Everything was perfect! Our minister did a fantastic job, she was my former yoga instructor, and just such a wonderful person- and for those who are wondering - YES IT WAS LEGAL- she is also an ordained minister.

Now on to the Vegan food I had....

Everything was vegan, except for some cheese and some chocolate cover pretzels (that my Mom bought for Goods and we are desperately trying to pawn them onto anyone that comes to visit- not that they aren't any good, they say they are excellent, we just don't eat that kind of stuff)

Anyway - some of the highlights were-

And the there was the vegan wedding cake!

This was a combination of a few recipes....

The cake is Lemonialla Cake - I split the batter into 2- 8 inch round pans and 1- 4 1/2" springform pan - so there was 3 layers.

The icing was just the basic buttercream icing - vegan of course:

1/2 c. shortening
1/2 c. Earth Balance "butter"
3 1/2 c. powder sugar sifted
1.5 tsp. vanilla
1/4 c. soymilk

Beat the shortening & butter until fluffy. Beat in the powder sugar, gradually. Add the vanilla & soymilk slowly. Beat until really fluffy.

Between the 8" round layers I put a Vegan Lemon Curd- Bryanna's. I halved the made plenty. I did have to use 3 Tbs. of cornstarch to make it thick enough.

Then I assembled it and made it pretty with fresh flowers....well I thought it was pretty- and the bride is always right- right???

I must confess, or really- I'm going to share some secret tips with you. I made the cake - then I froze it - and took it out when I was ready to frost it. Yes, I frost it frozen and that prevented any crummies from the cake from getting into the icing. Worked perfect. I also made the cake again for a dinner we had for Goods' side of the family when we announced to them our marriage. SURPRISE! Oh, but the second time around I cut in half the 4 1/2" layer before I froze it, and when assembling it, I put a layer of the lemon curd in between.

SOOOOOO...there you have it, I'm back and I'm married to the most wonderful man and we shall live happily ever after......
Then we took a few days and went here-

and had a total blast.

I'll have some more food porn soon...but until then- Mrs. Goods is signing off.

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