Sunday, September 13, 2009

Watermelon & Booze....

...two of my favorite things - blended together to make Watermelon Slushies.... The bread, off to the lower left is banana bread I whipped up for and sent to my Dad for his birthday- he doesn't even know it's vegan & I'm not telling him.

But here is Goods enjoy the Watermelon Slushie-
How cool of Goods to wear a shirt that matches the drink!
This is just such a refreshing cocktail - from Vegetarian Times - here it is:
4 Cups of seedless watermelon cubed
1/2 Cup of Vodka (Skyy for me please)
1/4 Cup lime juice
1/4 Cup powdered sugar

1. Place watermelon cubes in shallow baking dish. Freeze 4 hours, or until solid.
2. Blend frozen watermelon cubes, vodka, lime juice & sugar until smooth.

**Now it states that it makes 4 servings - yeah maybe for elves, it really makes 2 servings for the Goods' family.

Now here is Lily attacking my ugly watermelon color cloggy shoes - yes they are gawd awful ugly - but they are great to wear in the kitchen, for my back, while standing on the tile floor.
And just a note on these shoes - I DID NOT BUY THEM MYSELF - they were a "THOUGHTFUL" gift from a friend- I don't let anyone see me in them - guess I'm a closet ugly clog wearer.
Well enjoy the rest of the weekend!!! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

lily says ---

my mommy's feet are sooo big...


i can put my whole arm in her shoe!!

[ caminante from colorado ]

Good-Dees said...

That was really funny, not TRUE, but funny :-)
How are you squirrelies doing??