Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 1, 2 & 3 in the life of babie birdies.

So here are days 1-3 of the babie birds lives....if you squirrel thru them really fast, they will look like a video...go ahead a try!
Day 1
I named the one face down...DEE..I named the one next to her...ANNE because, if you can see, Anne
pushed DEE down...Just saying....and I think it's appropriate to name the birdie with it's mouth wide open- on the right, begging for a beer  for wormies - Lynn.

Day 2
Are they not little fuzzy wuzzy bunch.
 Day 3 - Today.
Look how much they grew!! And Lynn is still begging for beer wormies! And Anne is smothering Dee, not sure what Dee ever did to Anne...I think Anne just is jealous of Dee's prettiness. Anne you are just as pretty!   Remember that!
Time to fly!! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

love it!!!! :) i am not sure how i got the beer part??? just teasing!!! great one!!!! so nice to see you, one bird signing off to another!!!!!!!!!! :) thanks for sharing!!