Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 6...then we built an ark

Seriously...the rain won't stop..WAIT lucky for you it stopped for a nano second that I could take a canoe through our yard to take a photo of the babies with our waterproof camera...Seriously.
Rain obviously makes babie robins grow.....

But lookie...the babies grew lips and feathers in the rain!!! And holy cow....EYES!!  Lookie how beadie they are!

 This is what I had to go thru to get to the birdies to take a picture for you guys...WELCOME!
 Our pond it to the left....see Skully the orange koi?  then the little tree that the nest is in is to the a better view

Yeah- really 3 feet off the ground in the little pine tree!
Here is another view of our swampiness...
More rain tomorrow...along with, hopefully Day 6 of babie birds.....
Ahoy matie!

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