Monday, January 22, 2007


I've had a thing for pomegranates recently. I've been wanting to make pomegranate martinis recipe that I printed off the Internet- AND COULDN'T FIND yesterday. Well I came up with a recipe from Oprah's site. I opened the bottle of pomegranate concentrate I bought at our local Mediterranean store- brown goo came out. Yes, it tasted like pomegranate but there was NO way I was drinking a foofoo martini that was brown. So I did what I do best- improvise- and it turned out delish! Just look at the delish-ness!

The improvising went as follows

juice of one fresh pomegranate
juice of one fresh lemon
juice of one blood orange
enough orange juice to make total of 1 1/2 cups of total juice
2 oz of Vodka
1 oz of Grand Marnier
Combine in shaker with ice- and of course- shake!
Serve in sugared rimmed glasses with few pomegranate seeds in the
bottom for an extra treat! Makes 2 servings.

So as I was enjoying the above beverage, I made dinner. And to follow the theme of things; I made BBQ Pomegranate Tofu (pg 149) and Coconut Rice with Toasted Coconut (pg 109) from Vegan with a Vengeance.

I threw in the tofu some veggies I had on hand - broccoli, red peppers, carrots and onions. Oh- I ate more then I have shown in the photo! Both Goods and I went back for seconds. It was not only delicious, it was fairly easy to prepare.

Overall rating out of 5 forks - if I could it would be 6 forks- but 5 it is!

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Urban Vegan said...

I have to try this. But first I have to find pomegranate vinegar.