Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Since I'm a newbie in the Vegan lifestyle, I have a lot to learn. I try and read the labels of products, I'm learning a whole new Vegan vocabulary, and I've learned that you have to ask a lot of questions. I've learned so much already just from other Vegan Bloggers- it's made the switch to vegetarianism to veganizm so much easier and exciting.

I learned from other Bloggers about how most white sugar is processed with bone char. I was not all giddy about that when I read it. I've always loved baking & I bake a lot- My man, Goods, likes his bake goods and since I refuse to by all that sugary, fat loaded, chemical loaded bake goods at the grocery store for him - I bake. So the dilemma then came about concerning what white sugar (I do use my share of Turbinado sugar) do I use???? The past few years I've been buying a local Michigan manufactured brand - Pioneer Sugar. So I sent them an email asking them about their manufacturing process and here is what their response.........


Thank you for your inquiry.

Michigan Sugar Company’s sugar products do not contain any animal products. In addition, Michigan Sugar Company does not use bone char as a filter aid or any other animal products in the production process.


Matt Tucker
Quality Assurance Supervisor
Michigan Sugar Company
So Yeaaaahhh, Pioneer Sugar is vegan friendly!!!!!!!
BTW- I live in Southeastern Michigan, so I'm not sure how far their distribution area extends.
Here is a page from their website explaining their manufacturing process
Pioneer is a beet sugar. I've been reading a little on sugar cane vs. beet sugar, and there seems to an industry preference to cane sugar. As I stated previously, I've been (unknowingly) using VEGAN beet sugar for years. I've canned with it, baked with it, and made cocktails with it. I haven't noticed a difference. Has anyone out there have a preference???

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