Thursday, May 17, 2007

Goods Grilling

I have been accused by Goods that I spend entirely too much time in the kitchen. I beg to differ, but he has threaten to take out the new kitchen he put in for me us. So I've been trying to make yummy food that doesn't take so much time - I do have gardening to do ya know.

I did a simple meal of BBQ tofu, sweet potato, corn on the cob, and kale.

Most everything was done on the grill, so Goods was in charge. As you can see he produced some excellent grill markings for effect. This is what I did-

Corn - soaked corn in husk in water for about 12 hours.
Grilled for about 45 mins.
Sweet Potato - okay I cheated here, I did the evil microwave
cooking on those before grilling
(I don't like to microwave- but the future of my our kitchen is at steak here!)
Tofu - extra firm marinated in some store bought BBQ sauce
Kale - I sauteed chopped garlic and sliced onions until soft.
Added the kale and threw in some fresh pineapple chucks.
Topped it off w/ some Agave Nectar. Totally yummy.

So dinner was easy, fast and simple - but yet very yummy.

I hate to admit that I've only recently been eating kale. In the past I've only used it as platter decoration. SHAME ON ME. The stuff is awesome. I'm even planting it in our garden this year. I have another kale recipe I will share with you at a later date, when I'm allowed to go back using my our kitchen...but I definitely will be making the above kale concoction again with the pineapple, great combination. Just rating the kale - 5 out of 5 forks!

And some odds and ends.....

Goods' son brought us 3 new little fantail fishies for our pond...
and they are thriving!
Introducing on of the 3- "Hot Lips" Wiggles. (She wiggles when she swims)

and some spring yard pics......

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