Friday, June 08, 2007

Time to BUG you....

I've been so busy gardening, I've been way too busy to blog to the 3 people who read Good-Dees. I little bit of info about me - I kill nothing. I won't even not kill a bug, not even in the house- okay with a couple exceptions- if it's a mosquito and it land on me- it's MY personal space- there is a whole world at your disposal, please don't land on me. And there is another reason I will scarific a bug's life, it will be explained later. Oh, and I've been known to name our spiders in the house (but that's in the winter, otherwise I put them outside to live in the fresh air) and I upright bugs that need help.

So anyway.....There's some excitment happening in Good-Dee's yard! Last year I planted some milkweed in the yard - Monarch butterflies love milkweek, in fact that is the only plant they will lay their eggs on, that is why I planted it. So last night, Goods & I inspected the milkweed that is about to bloom and........WE HAVE BABY MONARCH CATAPITTERS! (okay calipillers to everyone else)

I'll give you a looksie

Hummm...maybe a closer looksie will help!

It is (I need to name it yet) not more then 1/4 inch long. And befriended a tiny misquito - how sweet. It must be a very social catapitter - maybe I should name it "Paris" - I think not, and don't get me started on HER!

We found a half of dozen little ones on the plants. Hopefully they will turn out like this one from last year-

More exciting news, it's Fish Fly season in Michigan

You can read about Fish Flies here - becuase I'm not reposting what I just wrote about them, which I lost! urrrrr
Goods, in his lederhosen and I are off to Frankenmuth - have a great weekend!

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Keith said...

I expect pics of Goods in the lederhosen on my Blackberry within 24 hours! I'll pay!