Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lot's of GOOD things to do in DEE-troit

Goods and I try and do some fun things throughout the summer even though our yard and home projects should have 100% of our attention. This past weekend Goods suggested we go to the Henry Ford's Greenfield Village. The village is set up with various houses, workshops and stores that Mr. Ford bought and moved to the village. The Wright Brother's House and Bike Shop, Edison Homestead and my favorite, the Cotswold Cottage.....

Okay - this isn't the cottage part, but people where having "TEA" outside, and it would have ruined the pic so I didn't take any pics of the cottage itself.
My next favorite was the Firestone Farm- some inside pics....

As I stated, they call it a working farm. The ladies in the house just explained what they made, and ate for lunch - Ham Pie.....I didn't ask.
Tons of ChooChoos, not sure what they had to do with the Model T or any other models he produces but they were cool.....

I also drulled all over these wagon wheels, since I've wanted one - like forever - to put in our yard. The old sign said that they were only $26/pair, but NO ONE was around to take my money.

And we ended with an Old Time Baseball Game - what a hoot. Note, they don't wear gloves, helmets, spikes- NO PROTECTION!!.... but they did have some spiffy ties!

We had a grand ol' time at Greenfield Village- check it out if you are in the area.

My next entry will be more adventures in the Raw -
our first Raw Potluck!

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