Monday, August 13, 2007

Raw-Goods and Good Visit

I've been experimenting with RAW "COOKING"
I love the freshness and the energy you get when you eat RAW.
I bought an Excalibur Dehydrator - and made some cookies- one very good (I forgot the cocoa and dehydrated for 10 hours), the other, not to our liking.

In the next couple of days I'm going to make "KALE CHIPS" - with the excessive amount of kale I have in my garden - I'll let you know the outcome- they sound totally delish!
My nephews flew in from Connecticut to torture visit me for a few days. My youngest neff is very noisy inquisitive and asked what the thing was on top of they refrigerator - I told him it was a dehydrator and went into a short explanation of what I use it for. He looked in my
"Living on Live Food" cookbook and spied a photo of Angle Hair Pasta & Marinara Sauce. "Can you make it?" the question came from the pasta boy (he loves loves (cooked) pasta) - "Sure, you're at Auntie Dee's and you can have anything- want ice cream for breakfast too???" I was fairly certain that Goods & I would be the ones eating it- but we go ahead and made it.

Pasta boy stretching before he starts to work in the kitchen....

Pasta boy using the mandolin like a pro- no blood shed, all fingers in-tacked.

And a FUZZY picture of pasta boy with finished product.

And the verdict: Pasta Boy - as suspected, didn't like it. The Adults - 5 out of 5 forks! It was great! But I have to confess, the leftovers sat in the fridge for almost a week so I used it as the sauce when I stuffed banana peppers with tofu- and poured it on top of the peppers and baked. It killed any germies that may have developed- and I didn't waste it. That was totally yummy too.
I've also made this dish a few times, out of the same cookbook....

This is Pesto Pasta on page 417. The pesto is made with basil and cilantro and tons of garlic.

While they were in town, we ventured to the Detroit Science Center to see "The Body Human" exhibit and to check out the other exhibits

And before the science center I drug them to Cass Cafe where I had a delicious sun dried tomato hummus and a salad. Quite a few vegan options for me.

I'm not sure in the above photo is Big Furbee is saying grace or being camera shy.

We also went to see Spiderman 3, okay but not the greatest - and I loved #1 & #2. Then we went to Red Robin for dindin, not that they were hungry after all the popcorn and smuggled in candy they ate. I really like Red Robin - great vegan choices, any burger they sell can be made with a BOCA Burger, but I usually get a salad because they are very yummy.

So the visit was short but a lot of fun- Goods & I rule at Pictionary, no matter what my nephews say! And I end with a pic of me and my neffs....

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