Thursday, November 06, 2008

20 things I miss about Guido

I miss......
  1. Her waiting by the door for me to come home from work.

  2. Her constant meowing until she got her wet food for breakfast or dinner

  3. How she ran after me, when I was feeding her dinner, even if I ran around the house with the can of food just to taunt her (don't judge me, it was adorable)

  4. Her fang.

  5. Her haunting meow in the middle of the night...still don't know what was up with that.

  6. Her begging for pizza or bacon from Goods.

  7. How she watched tubers flying thru the air.

  8. How Fluffy cat would kick her butt!

  9. How she use to try and attack the birds and squirrels through the window.

  10. Watching her sleep as close as she could get to the fireplace without combusting.

  11. Her pushing Lily out of the way the so SHE could be the one to drink out of the bathroom sink faucet.

  12. Her laying in her cardboard box.

  13. How she would snuggle with her sister.

  14. How she would run out of the litterbox and run around the house after she did #2.

  15. Her licking her sister's head.

  16. Laying in the middle of the kitchen floor like a dog.

  17. How she would walk on our pillows and heads when we laid in bed.

  18. How she would huddle in the hall when it stormed

  19. How she would eat vegan hotdogs.

  20. I miss everything.....

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