Sunday, December 07, 2008

Vegan Detroit - The Majestic Cafe

Goods and I headed downtown a couple of weeks ago so we could pick up some Detroit stuff for Christmas presents. After we hit PURE DETROIT we decided to go to one of my favorite restaurants - The Majestic Cafe. They have some vegan options for me, tasty cocktails and have cool art exhibits for your viewing pleasure. So to Goods dismay, I took food porn photos to share with you.

We started off with some hummus, because I love me some hummus. This is very good hummus, it is very beany flavor, not too tahiniee (not that I have anything against tahini what so ever) and their pickled banana peppers are so very yummy - and crunchy to boot.

My main course was tempeh fajitas- hold the cheese & sour cream please.

It was very good, but the tempeh needed to be seasoned....but I didn't have the cheese smothered all over it like the menu stated it would be served. Oh and I found out, the hard way, the rice had butter in it- so of course I tossed it aside.

And this is what I took home....the serving was huge!

I did not take any pics of Goods' food because this is a VEGAN blog, not an omnivorous blog.


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