Monday, December 08, 2008

Giganitic Log of "Meat"

I like making my own fake meat. I like trying new recipes- so here we go...

The recipe is here: Veggie Lunch Meat

This made a GIGANTIC log of meat - like 10 inches long! I think the diameter was over 3 1/2 inches. HUGE.

I followed the directions up until the "how to cook" instructions. I do not have a steamer, even though I thought I had every kitchen gadget under the sun. So I restored to how I usually make fake meat - wrap it in parchment paper, then in foil- tightly.

So now I had a GIGANTIC foil log in front on me. When making seitan "meat" log from Vegan Vittles, I bake the log at 325 degrees for 1.5 hours (flipping it 1/2 thru) that is what I did with this monster. After the 1.5 hours I unwrapped it and ended up wrapping back up and put it back in for another 1/2 hour. The first time I took it out, it just wasn't firm in the middle- but adding the additional 1/2 hour to the bake time, the gigantic log came out PERFECT! SEE!!!!!

I loved the flavor of this, it reminded me of kabalsa/sausage. Even Goods asked me if I could make them into smaller logs and make sausage for sauerkraut. I loved the moistness of the meat too, not dry like other meats I made, this is very moist - even without steaming it as Vegan Dad does. So - excellent job Vegan Dad!

Oh, and since this log was so gigantic, I cut it in half and froze it. Vegan Dad likes to make lots, just like when I made the VAT-O-CHEESE (my Nov 21st post) and I made Vegan Sweet & Sticky Wingz (didn't blog about but made a lot and were excellent!) I kind of feel like I'm stalking Vegan Dad, but really it's all about the recipes!

Definitey a 5 out of 5 fork recipe!

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Anonymous said...

hi ---

i got here from your comment on vegan dad --

i really like your method of cooking the seitan log -- wrapping it in parchment paper to keep the seitan from contact with the aluminum foil & baking it instead of steaming & then baking --

his two-step method was a big drawback for me & i do not like aluminum touching food --

thank you very much --

caminante in colorado