Monday, March 09, 2009

Where has "D" been?

I was relaxing with Goods in Mexico....
We had a great time of course......
But we came home with a respiratory bug that now, going on 5 weeks, we might be seeing the end of it...well at least I am, Goods, not so much. But that made me feel very unbloggy.
But, what I want to chat about today is Vegan Health...I have a story for you.
Shortly after Halloween I started to experience hip/joint pain, especially when I went out for my runs. It started to get worse, it hurt when I walked and I started to have a major "limp". I went to my Chiropractor, whom I think the world of, and he did his magic. Well it didn't work, and as he puts it "I'm a very fixable person". I had an appointment made for my NEW family doctor, and at that time he asked me if I had any concerns that I wanted to discuss. I brought up the topic of my hip/joint pain. He checked it out and he said it was definitely not pain radiating from my lower back (which my Chiro thought). I had x-rays done, along with some blood work, and I had an appointment back with him in a month.
Here are the findings:
X-rays - CLEAR!!! but my Hip/Joint pain - still very painful.
B-12 - not a shock, it was low, so we are fixing that.
NOW this is where it gets interesting....
my Vitamin D was extremely LOW. Normal range is 50-90 - Mine was 19!! WHERE'S MY D??? Because I don't really eat food that is fortified with Vitamin D and then combine that with living in the frozen tundra of Michigan - My "D" was low. You can read all the symptoms of the deficiency here - but the one major symptom I was having was BONE/JOINT PAIN. So my doctor instructed me to take 2000 iu of Vit-D a day. I've been taking it since Jan 12th and I am back to walking, running and skipping normally!! After a run, I still have some minor discomfort in my joints my NOTHING like before.
So pretty please, ask your doctor to check you Vitamin D levels, especially if you live in wintry country.
I'll be back in the next few with a dinner disaster that Goods and I made this weekend (okay Goods was more like the manual laberor)


Anonymous said...

hi ---

i'm glad you are on the way to fixing the very serious problem of low vita D ---

this is a more common problem than one would think -- even in very sunny countries such as the middle east because women cover up from head to toe ---

during the summer, a fair-complected person needs about 60% of their skin exposed for only about 10 minutes -- only til there is a faint pink tinge to one's skin ---

there is a great web site that has much info on how low vita D causes all kinds of diseases -- they also have a free newsletter ---

Vitamin D Council

Vitamin D Newsletter

caminante in colorado

Good-Dees said...

Some great info there- just amazing that one vitamin (or lack of) can cause such problems! Thank you for the link, and thank you for coming back!