Saturday, July 11, 2009

Dee is MIA

I swear I am the busiest, laid off vegan in the world. I've been MIA because a zillion reasons, obviously- or I wouldn't be the busiest laid off vegan in the world. So....where have I been? First it was a trip to my parents' in Altoona, PA for a long 4th of July weekend....see how thrilled Goods was....

That great pic of Goods was taken while we were at the Delgrosso's Fireworks - a tiny clip of the fantastic display is downloaded on my Flicker Account. The display was almost 30 minutes long and, as I said before, FANTASTIC. I recorded the whole show but I have know idea how I could download the whole thing since it's almost 500mb - so you will just have to take my word for it...or go next year to see them. BTW, the sauce they make is kick ass and now some of it is VEGAN. I think my friend "J" Delgrosso made sure I had a selection of vegan sauce to choose from - and get's organic. I'll review the product once I use it- hint hint "J" I'm still waiting for my samples.

So what else has been occupying my time??? Well I'm working on & trying to pull of the biggest surprise that will occur in a couple of weeks. So, of course since it's a surprise, I can't tell that has helped to make me the busiest laid off vegan.

BUT I have cooked, like once....I finally broke down and bought VEGAN BRUNCH...and the first thing I made from it, well the only thing I made from it.....BEER-BATTERED TOFU. I know, not the healthiest thing in the world...but it was sooooo yummy.
It, the recipe, made a ton of batter so I also threw in some onion rings - what do you thing we were going to have a salad with the fried tofu???? Okay, we did that too, but if you are going to be bad, you might as well be really bad....

And the great news about the beer-battered tofu - IT FREEZES AND HEATS UP JUST DANDY! It' made a lot, and there was NO WAY our bodies, which are our temples, could handle eating all that fried-goodness, even over a weeks time - so I experimented with a piece in the freezer & took it out and popped it into the toaster oven and it worked!

Okay, you ask, what is else on my slate that is making me the busiest laid off vegan??? Well after the biggest surprise I'm ever going to pull off, Goods and I are taking a long weekend to google into each other eyes, and be all lovey dovey. Well maybe not so much but we are going away.

Then the next weekend that we get back we are on our city's garden tour. We will have some last minute things to do, like wash all the dead fish flies and spiderwebs off the house and pull a few weeds that snuck in while we were away. So that is also another reason why I am the busiest laid off vegan...projects, projects and more projects.

So watch for me back, after the first of August, for at least food posts....I might sneak a couple of other short posts in before that....but don't hold your breath on that.

I leave you with my most adorable kitty, who loves, loves water and has found that there is water in the pond - so she is partaking of it. Don't worry, she didn't drink that much - just enough until I got the camera to take the pics.....

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