Tuesday, July 06, 2010

No I haven't been horsing around

....I have just been busy.
Still packing my bookbag and going to school. Right now I am taking an Elements of Art class which I am very much enjoying. We are not actually doing actual art, but are learning how to interpert and appreciate different artists and styles. The painting above is on that I recently did for my neice's first communion- she loves loves loves horses.

For my art class last week, we visited some gallaries in Detroit. The one that I totally dug was an exhibit called "Monsters" at Work • Detroit, at 3663 Woodward Ave, Detroit. The only downside of the exhibit was that it associated with the University of Michigan, and being the true Penn State fan & alumni that I am....I felt little uneasy loving the exhibit so much. Oh well....what I won't do for an A. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend going to the gallery. It's FREE, and free parking on the street...and if you see the crazy dude that was following me - give him my well wishes :)

SO....WHERE IS THE FOOD? Well between Winter semester ending and my first summer class I had, Goods and I went camping. I will be posting a VEGAN GOES CAMPING post soon....really....I promise.

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