Friday, July 23, 2010

Well a lot has happened since the last time I have posted....something I really not ready to chat about yet - BUT.....I do want to chat about a couple of recipes I've tried out on Goods....and both worthy of a post!
Oven baked vegan, of course, ONION RINGS! from Post Punk Kitchen
The recipe calls for store bought whole wheat bread crumbs...and for the life of me, I just couldn't find them in ANY store in Michigan. In fact I couldn't find breadcrumbs without dairy and egg in the - WTF???? I made my own...and they turned out dandy! They were light and crispy....and actually not hard to make at all!! We ate them with cocktail sauce and tarter sauce.

Our garden is over flowing with cucumbers. We've given them to neighbors and friends, I eat at least a cuke a day and I used them to make this....from a vegetarian time email I received....
This was totally awesome perfect for a hot summer day - cukes, toasted almonds, GRAPES, and arugula - to name just a few ingredients. But one problems...I still have cucumbers coming out the kazoo.

And to end with a funny....I took this photo through our kitchen door......

Get your pretty little heads out of the gutter....the gray "baby" squirrel was grooming the other one - just like monkeys do.

Today Goods and I are celebrating our 1st Wedding Anniversary today - and look we've lasted...because the first 13 years of being together didn't count. We are going great restaurant tonight Mon Jin Lau. They have tons of vegan options- and they make pretty garsh darn good cocktails too.

I'll be back real soon....I have one more week of classes and then starting Thursday - I'll be off for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!!! except for my prereading I'll be doing for my fall classes - because I'm a geek that way.
Have a lovely weekend! Stay cool!

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