Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gluten Free Vegan Broccoli Quiche

 ...and it was totally kickass.  Sorry for the language, but it had to be said.
Looky how pretty and kickass it looks....

 The recipe for the "guts" was from Isa  (we are on 1st name basis) "Vegan Brunch" Cookbook, but you can find the recipe HERE on her website. Now, as usual, I did not follow the recipe to the TEE- I didn't want a pastry crust, so I got the BRILLIANT idea to make a potato crust.  So I boiled a couple of potatoes and made thick mashed potatoes.......
See.....  you can see the thickness it should be.

 You may ask yourself- why does it have a yellowish color to it???
Well the secret ingredient is......NOOCH!  yes, add some NOOCH.(nutritional yeast for the newbies)
Guess it's no so much a secret anymore.....
I smashed it into a lightly sprayed-pie pan, smashed up the sides and smashed it to the bottom

Then I baked it, uncovered @ 350 degrees until lightly brown....
(approx 37 minutes- give or take)
I baked it in the toaster oven -
worked out perfect....didn't heat up the house.
Then I put the guts into the potato crust, pretty much followed the directions from here...until the last 13 minutes of the baking times.
And this is what it looked like..........

SO what did I do during the last 13 minutes of the baking????  I added DAIYA cheddar cheese and grape tomatoes from our garden.  Daiya cheese is my new crack...not that I ever had old crack.  I didn't think I missed cheese until I had this melty gooey goodness in my mouth.

(NOTE:  I boiled 2 russet potatoes to make the mashed potatoes, I ended only using 1/2 of the mixture so I threw the other 1/2 into the freezer and used to make another crust a couple of weeks later - it was perfect)

Sorry about this post layout - I think the new blogger layout is on crack.  I don't have time to make it all please live with it until I have a moment between my homework, studying and of course drinking to figure it out.

But....go make this right now....It's totally kickass.

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