Saturday, October 16, 2010

People Suck...

...not you of course, just some.
but now I really really can't forgive Michael Vick...
I show Goods this Link and then he precedes to ask me why I do this to myself (shockingly I was crying as I showed him)...but really the question is- how can ANYONE do this to an innocent animal- seriously???? I've been asking God to help me try and forgive Michael Vick, he did his time in jail, blah blah blah, but God hasn't given me the strength to do I'm going to take that as a sign that I'm fine despising him and cheering on the Eagles to lose.  I did tell Goods that if Vick would turn Vegan, I would seriously consider taking the Eagles back as one of my favorite teams.  I say that is fair.  How do you feel, my vegan you and can you forgive Vick?
Vick is a dick, but I'm Googy for Oogy.
And with that, my cocktail is empty. cheers

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