Monday, January 10, 2011

Family Game Night Featuring.......... Vegan Jello Shots

I love to play games....Goods, not so much.  But you add some Vodka to a game...Goods is good to go! My BFF plays games too...and lookie what she got me for Christmas.....

That is right ladies and gents.....Shots and Ladders!  She knows me so well!!  But look at the shot glasses that come with it.... each player picks a glass....

Potentially confusing, don't you think- especially after you had a few??  The colors are so similar with the pattern being the same.  We, BFF & myself, played it safe and picked the glasses with only 2 colors on it.

So you ask....what did you use as shots????  VEGAN JELLO SHOTS of course! (recipe to follow)

So here we are...trying to figure out the directions.  Please note that we had backup booze too along with our vegan jello shots.

Action shot....see, we put the jello in our shot glass...we are classy like that.

 An amazing feat...we all lined up on one row.....

 Now, this wasn't just a drinking game....there were squares that if you landed on them you had a choice between "truth or dare" ....BFF Boy landing on sans square and took the dare...

 Well I thought it was funny and really that is all that counts.
After one game of Shots & Ladders...we are responsible like that...we moved on with the game Operation.  We took the opportunity to incorporate the rest of the jello shots into this game.  If you got "buzzed" by the had to get "buzzed" by a shot.

Goods in action....

And then shockingly...we were able to still play around of "HI-HOO-Cherrios"

Fun time had by all!  We did all drink & eat responsibly.  So....what you have been waiting for...the Vegan Jello Shot recipe so you can run out and make them tonight....
First...I used this orange flavor and cherry

Vegan Jello Shots
1 Package of Vegan Jello
1 Cup of Boiling Water
1 Cup of Booze of Choice (room temp)

Put powdered jello in bowl or measuring cup.  Add Boiling water & room temp booze- and stir stir stir.  I already had little 2 oz dixie cups on hand (because I use to make jello shots galore- pre vegan)
It sets up pretty quickly too, so after the jello dissolves, don't pussy foot around getting the jello poured into your containers.

You ask what booze did I use????  For the orange, I used peach schnapps - which was the group favorite.  I had it laying around for years and wanted to get rid of it.  The cherry - Skyy Vodka...yummy.  

And for those who are cringing because I used plastic dixie cup containers....I saved what I could, saved all the lids, washed them for future use.  But you wonder how I got them all dried???  This is genius I say....I put them in a delectable net bag you use in your washing machine...threw it into the dryer on air- and waa-laaa... dry.

I did have food - like my favorite nacho cheese dip  and a roasted garlic cream cheese toasted on baguettes. [easy recipe: roast garlic, add to cream cheese, spread on little toasty breads and pop into toaster oven till melty- oh, I think I sprinkled son Diaya mozzarella cheese on top of each too, but again not difficult]

Well I start classes again this afternoon---I'll be doing some interesting post with my cooking class that I have to touch meat and stuff....ick.  

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