Thursday, January 27, 2011

I am the last to know.....

I have a story....a sad sad story.
Last weekend I was making a huge arsh vat of chili.  Everyone, including animal eating people love my chili....sorry...the recipe is a secret, and that would be mainly because I wing it each time.  Anyway....back to my story.   So I have all the ingredients in the vat, the last thing to add was the "fake burger".  I get my packages of Morning Star Farms Crumbles out....seeeeee

When I was taking the packages out of the freezer, I laid them with the backside upon the counter to ...and what do I see -  "Contains: MILK & EGGS"   WTF???
I was flippin mad!  I've been buying Morning Star for years....never thinking I had to RECHECK the ingredients!  Yes, they use to be VEGAN...then they changed the formula in 2009!

So just a warning if anyone out there didn't know there was a change...they are a bunch of weiners!!  I will be buying Boca from now on.  I use to buy which ever one was on sale.

But now Goods has a big honkin' vat of chili all to himself, thank goodness it freezes just dandy.

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