Monday, February 07, 2011

Tempeh Served on a VEGAN TABLE

Or I guess I should say Tempeh from The Vegan Table.....

I love this cookbook.  Actually someone bought me it, along with 2 other great ones The Kind Life and 30 Minute Vegan . My friends bought me copies along with ones they bought for themselves. Sadly, I don't think they have made anything out of them (& it's been over a year) - but I have- They are pretty much my go to books when I'm looking for something easy and good!....and here is one of the recipes from The Vegan Table....Cornmeal-Crusted Tempeh with Orange Ginger Sauce.
 The tempeh in the photo is smothered in the sauce....but trust me - it was the yummiest tempeh - I totally dug it without the sauce the next day....right from the fridge.  But I am a total tempeh love love it.  I served it with baked sweet potatoes and Goods grilled some asparagus.   Wish I could share the recipe with you but since I did have Business Law last semester (acing it BTW) I don't want to take my chances and get thrown in the slammer.  But I suggest you go buy this book, you won't be sorry!!

Now you ask....How are classes going this semester?  What are you taking???  Well...if you can tell from the above photo - I am learning to do plate presentation - stack the food- build it vertically.  I am in Culinary Techniques, which involves a kitchen lab where we learn and make different foods.  Yes, it is a bit of a struggle for me since it is not a vegan class, but my chef instructor and my classmates are very respective of my vegan ways....and curious too!  So all is good...except for the chicken breast I had to butterfly last Friday - I had gloves on for obvious reasons, but I haven't touch chicken in over 11 years - but I manned up and did it.

So.....some of my posts will be of food we prepared in kitchen lab....but I will veganize it - sounds fun huh?

Another class I have is Beverage Service....seriously??? I get a grade and credit for learning about and making cocktails???  A "I died and went to heaven" moment.  But I'll post more on that class later - I will spread the knowledge!

So winter....I can't stand we are going to play a game.  How many animals do you see in the photo?  Please note how well I train my squirrels....synchronize squirrels...but there is a hawk in the photo too....

So now onto the much needed....LIQUID SUNSHINE...

I couldn't decide what photo to use so you got both.  These little puppies are Oprah's Lemon Drop Martinis, not that I am a fan of Oprah....but I am a fan of these.  I put some food coloring in the sugar for some extra prettiness.

And if you can't beat winter....join it....well good for them. 

I just included this because I thought it was's down at the lake (Lake St. Clair) in our subdivision.  But right after I took the photo, that little boy fell and smacked his face on the ice- guess you can say winter was beating him. (He was okay- little drama, but boys can be like that)


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