Monday, March 07, 2011

Gluten Free Pancakes by Joe...

.....and that would be Trader Joe's!

I already love their gluten free vegan waffles so I just had to have a box of these babies.
And what did I think????
I give them a 8.5 out of 10!  Why only 8.5 out of 10???? so glad you asked...

  1. They are not Bob's Red Mill gluten free pancakes which are 10 out of 10 for me!--- but then again, Trader Joe's are conveniently pre-made, frozen and all you have to do is pop these babies into the toaster.
  2. One pancake had an accident in the toaster and fell to the bottom....might be better off doing them in the toaster oven.
  3. They are a teeny tiny bit gooey in the middle, but the outside is a little crispy which I dig....the gooey, not so much. Especially since I do not eat them with syrup nor a's like pancake toast for me :-)
  4. They took 3 times toasting on the frozen cycle in the toaster. Not a big deal unless you were starving like I was.
But the real test will be Goods - sometimes he can be finicky.  But for me, I would buy them again!

Oh and by the way...they are only $2.99 a box - a very decent price for a gluten free product - GO JOE! Or do I mean this Joe.....

 If you look closely you will see smileyman riding on Joe's finger....but Smileyman is a whole blog all by his self.....

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