Friday, July 29, 2011

A Birdie told me about this Canary Melon

So, now that I am employed, I have spending a teeny tiny bit more of money on food that is.  I'm on a mission to try new stuff that I haven't had long as it is still in a reasonable price range.
So with that....I present you with a Canary Melon...okay I presented it to myself.

It really doesn't look like a's just because the photographer sucks....

It looks more on the lines of a honeydew....but yet again the sucky photographer sucks with the flash....
Really I was trying to hurry the photographer was trying to hurray because of the fruit fly infestation in the house.  Anyone else have this problem and how do you solve this...being vegan and all??? Share please.

Anyway...back to melon review.  OMG it is so sweet.  Almost too sweet for my tastes. Reminds me of honeydew on sugar steroids.  Yes it is tasty...but just too sweet for me, because you see, I am so sweet to begin with- adding that much extra sugar is a bit much.
That is my review and I'm sticking to it.

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