Sunday, January 08, 2012

Vegan Detroit - Zoo with a side of Kona

 It was a beautiful day here in the Detroit area so Goods and I headed off to the Zoo....who doesn't love a little snow monkey once in a while....
Detroit Zoo is ever improving...and they don't Monkey around when they make an improvement-  concessions added a STARBUCKS!  Can you say Soy Latte Please??? 
See I included a photo to show that I am not lion....I mean lying.  But speaking of lions, Detroit Zoo renovated the Lion Exhibit- it is now they have loads of room to roam around....but as any cat tends to do, they prefer to just lounge around anyway...
 They remind you of Ginger, don't they?
Goods bought a souvenir for Ginger since she was not allowed to venture with us to the zoo...just a little treat for her with a side of catnip
 And now a treat for me at Kona Grill....sans the catnip
Rock Coconut Mojito
Seriously - it was the BEST cocktail ever...and as a garnish they used a Rock Sugar Candy Swizzle Stick...pretty & yummy!!  It was a mojito made with coconut rum and pineapple- it was most delicious. Pineapple, coconut, mint and booze - perfection in a glass.

This was my first time visiting Kona Grill, Goods has been there before.  As always before visiting a new establishment I do my research - being a good vegan as I am.  So I go exploring on their website....and what do I find... A VEGAN MENU - just for little ol' me!!!

So we started off with edename - no photo needed for that snack.  May I add they were salted to perfection.

 Since it was happy hour and apps were 1/2 off - Goods & I shared a veggie roll, which was most excellent too....see.
Then after a was time to order MORE FOOD - my entree. Pan-Asian Noodles....totally delightful.

I substituted rice noodles for the udon noodles then it was mixed with fried tofu and mixed vegetables, in spicy black bean garlic sauce.  The portion was huge, so I got to enjoy it the next day too.

So some of you may be appalled the I, the vodka soaked vegan, go to zoos.  I love zoos.  It isn't like the they take animals out of their environment from running free to being on display.   Zoos allow animals to live who would normally not survive in the wild.
How about these lions? How about these bears? How about these polar bears?  I see a theme here...people are stupid....okay maybe not you and I.

So....Ginger and I would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

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