Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm back.....

I know, you're welcome for the warning.

I know it's been a very long time, and when I was here, I was sporadic.
I have been busy.   I'll give you the run down...

  • Full time job - I've been no longer unemployed for 2 years now.  I know I got my "new" job 2 years ago shouldn't be an excuse for my absence...but since it's my blog, it's my excuse.
  • School - just received my Associates degree in restaurant management - Now I have a Engineering degree and the Restaurant Mngmt degree -- and now with that I am going to engineer a....VEGAN FOOD TRUCK!  I rock.
  • ...And then we have a new addition to the family as of February of this year....this ball of cuteness

  • The striped on is the new one...Sir Snickers is his name.  His middle name is Bad, No Manners and No Boundaries....oh and he thinks his sister Ginger (orange one) is sexy.  Snicky needs a little operation....soon very soon, but not soon enough for Gingee.  
  • Quick note on Snickers- he had a rough start, but as you can see now....he is making up for it. He is so loved not only by us, but a whole community of Snickers' warriors.  There are good people world!  You can read his story here: Snickers' Story 
  • Lastly...I've been busy drinking vodka.  
But now that I am done with school (more on that in the future) I want to start blogging again - LUCKY YOU!  

Now that you have had a recap of my goings comes some food....

I made from the Vegetarian Times Magazine I just received the Broccoli Salad with Mustard Dressing.
It was very yummy, but Goods and I voted that it needed to marinate over night.  Loved the lentils in it....add some texture perfection.  Of course I used the agave instead of the honey in the recipe.  Where is the recipe you ask? In the magazine....sorry.  

Okay, now that I gave you the food, time for my vodka....see you soon!

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