Monday, September 27, 2010

Colossal Accident!

So one day I was going to the store (KROGERS)- asked Goods if he wanted anything....he responded back - HE ACTUALLY LISTEN TO ME THIS TIME - AMAZING...back to the his response was..."just a single desserty-breakfast thingy" And this is what I came back with....
Why such a big thingy??? Because....IT WAS VEGAN! No, not gluten free...BUT VEGAN and only $3.99. It was one thingy but it was HUGE - 12 inches in diameter - thin but that allowed it to be less gluten! I'm not a big sweet eater- but when I do eat sweets like they them gaggy sweet and NO chocolate please.

I read the ingredients 3 times before I bought it. No animal laden products in it! Not exactly good for you- very very processed ingredients and a few chemicals thrown in there for flavor - but VEGAN! Goods cut it up and threw a lot of it in the freezer. A couple bites of it is all you need to get your fill of VEGAN gaggy sugary goodness. It was actually totally kick ass too.

So I thought I would start posting things that were accidentally vegan- because I am soooo cool that way.

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