Friday, October 01, 2010

Guess what these are.....

....yeah, go ahead and guess......
Affordable Gluten Free Pretzels - and they are EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!
Oh how I missed you pretzels- Your crunchy goodness that didn't taste like cardboard (like other Gluten Free Pretzels do)
I am high as a kite! Well...that might be from the vodka...but I am sooooo happy Snyder's of Hanover made these pretzels for me! Guess they have been out for a while - Since April, but sometimes I am known to be slow. Better slow then never.
And to BOOT- I paid only $2.39 for the 8 oz bag of crunchy goodness! And for the other boot- they are vegan!
Have a fantastic weekend! Cheers

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