Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Veganlious Martini

Happy 50th Birthday Goods!!

Goods turned 50 this year...he is now exactly 50 years and 10 days old....I'm a little late on the birthday post.  BUT I HAVE AN EXCUSE....I was busy using my knowledge I have obtained in my beverage class - BIRTHDAY MARTINIS.....with a little side of fish.

This is how the class instructor taught us how to make these puppies....You can be only 14 steps away from your own PERFECT MARTINI.

  1. Take you glass -  
  2. Put a couple drops of vermouth in it.
  3. Add some ice
  4. Swirl the ice & droplets of vermouth around. (try not to make a mess)
  5. Set glass aside.
  6. Take a stainless steel mixing glass & fill with ice
  7. Add 3 oz of your favorite vodka (Skyy for me please)
  8. Swirl it around to make the vodka super duper cold
  9. Take your glass - dump out the ice (into a sink - that would be tidy of you)
  10. Strain the vodka into the glass
  11. Stab some olives with a plastic sword
  12. Garnish accordingly
  13. Take picture of perfect martini
  14. Drink and Enjoy

Here is some drinking trivia know the jigger...not that I am a fan of it - why do you need to measure you booze after all????

Okay- trivia question....
What do you call the small side of the jigger??
The 1.5 oz is actually called the jigger.
The other side is usually a mear 1 oz  (why even bother???)

A pony!

So I guess if I would have bought Goods a Jigger for his birthday - he would have gotten a PONY TOO! What kid doesn't want a pony for his birthday??

What I did get him was a new flavor vodka (we are on a flavored vodka kick right now...and a mission to quit adding Diet Coke to our vodka....because as you know, Diet Coke is bad for you)
Three Olives Pomegranate excellent choice may I say.

'Tis done with this post....geez louise - 2 post in one week....
I spoil you so!

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